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Summer may nearly be over, but here might be the answer to year long Sun-kissed skin

As much as I pour over the ‘beauty’ section of Pinterest, and promise myself I will, finally, learn how to apply make-up like a professional (and instantly transform in to Kim Kardashian obviously), deep down I know I’m just that bit too lazy. That’s why I tend to stick to tried and tested products – my ‘go-tos’ if you will, but every now and then you have to at least attempt to mix it up no? That’s why this week I have been test-driving ‘Glo Minerals Dust 24K’. Now, my everyday make-up routine is rather basic, so I doubt I would even consider buying a bronzer/highlighter normally, so when I heard about this luxury shimmer dust, I thought why the hell not? As Gold Member would say: ‘ILOVEGOLLLLD!’.
Glo Minerals shimmer dust 24k bronzer glo minerals 2013

Glo Minerals shimmer dust 24k bronzer glo minerals 2013

So what makes this ‘shimmer/bronzer/highlighter’ different from all the others on the market?  Well, for one the golden shade actually worked with my semi-pale skin to give me a lovely sun-kissed glow, and the best thing is you can actually use it anywhere.  Glo Minerals recommends anywhere you want to highlight, from your face to a dusting in your hair for them boogie nights.  Although it isn’t that cheap at £30.95 a pot, it is one of those products where a little goes a hell of a long way (unless you like the disco ball look, and in that case they do it in silver too!).

A definite 4 Stars for this little pot of beauty gold.

Glo Minerals shimmer dust 24k bronzer glo minerals 2013


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