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On trend and on budget: Primark’s autumn collection surprises us all

Primark. Divides us high street shoppers, doesn’t it?  I’ve made no secret of my hatred of their disposable, inexplicably neon garments and the jostling jumble sale you go through to get them. Frankly, it was never worth it. But then, the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection dropped – and I can’t help but wonder: is Primark…fashionable?

I’m all for a bargain, me. I’m the first on the ASOS sale and I felt unbridled joy the other day when I scored a £65 pair of Topshop loafers for £15. But I usually draw the line at Primark, because – as I’ve mentioned before – it’s as good as chucking your money down the drain in the long run. My favourite item is never Primark – they just don’t quite fit right. And if someone asks my where my top’s from, I’m ever so slightly inclined to lie if the answer is Primani. The jewellery turns green in a matter of seconds and the shoes fall apart in a fortnight.

But then Look magazine got its bi-annual scoop on the new collection – as did the horrifically snobbish (and usually wrong) Liz Jones from the Daily Mail. And they liked it. So I was forced to reconsider. While it will never rival the aesthetic of Zara or Whistles – that paired down, androgynous look just ain’t its thing – there are some gems to be had here. The clever designers have paid attention to the catwalks and drawn from them, instead of lazily assuming the clientele hasn’t got a clue and will happily wear a fluorescent butterfly crop top for the right price. Instead, there’s a sprinkling of Met Gala punk, a bit of sophisticated Saint Laurent and even a Jil Sander-esque pink coat thrown in.

Sure, the quality isn’t great and you aren’t going to hand it down to your grandkids. But as far as good updates for your cold-day wardrobe go, you really could do worse. And either way, when you can get an entire outfit, top to toe, for under £50 (Look magazine seems to think it’s under £35) who am I to judge?

Here are some best bits to spend your spare change on this season:

Primark, blouse, aw13, check, tartan, punk

Blouse, £9

coat, primark. aw13, p;ink

Pale pink Crombie coat, £32

fedora, hat, primark, aw13

Wool fedora, £8

tweed, skirt, primark, sw13, midi

Tweed skirt, £14

Primark design team, I applaud you – you’ve made a little go a long way.

Primark doesn’t do ecommerce (yet) so you’ll have to head to one of their stores to shop the new collection. Use the Primark store finder to locate your nearest one.


One comment on “On trend and on budget: Primark’s autumn collection surprises us all

  1. Helen Coakley
    September 2, 2013

    Going to check out Primark this week, after some of those ‘boyfriend’ tees Katie was modelling at the weekend! Will check out the new collection.

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