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How about saving lives with Save5 this morning?

Being faced with our own mortality is one of the most harrowing prospects to come up against.  I have always vaguely remembered members of my family carrying organ donor cards when I was little, and being up there in the UK’s top 2% of squeamish cry-babies it is something as an adult I ashamedly admit I put to the back of my mind somewhat.  I seemed to have made excuses over the years like, oh the application must be realllllllly long, or they must have to know your blood type and so forth and I never have this information to hand.  I always just assumed my bodily organs, if in good nick, would automatically go to help others, so no need to do the paper work!  Well, that is until last week when Katie told the Style & Then Some gang about an article she had come across about the Save5 organisation.  The campaign, founded by a lady called T. Sandeman-Charles, is an initiative to get ten thousand more people signed up to the NHS Organ Donors register.  Turns out it literally takes minutes (and they don’t need any in-depth information either).

Save5 campaign UK NHS Organ Donor register

T unfortunately is suffering from two types of incurable lung diseases and needs a transplant herself.  I was truly touched by her courageous attempts to fulfill her ambition to help save lives while facing her own mortality, and want to share her campaign with our readers incase any of you are yet to sign up.  So far she is only a handful of people away from her goal, so let’s help out and smash through the 10K barrier.

If you would like to join Save5 follow the 2 steps:

1. First register at

2. Next send T a short email confirming your registration to

Please make sure to email T so she can increase the number on the total (without this email she won’t know if you have registered, so it is real important y’all!

For more information, check out this video from T below.

You can also join and share the campaign on Facebook here.

Thanks Guys.


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