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Can a four-week course help you kick your sugar addiction for good? Part three

Rocky road chocolate cake recipe

This is the second interview with Roxane, who’s been trialling Mentor Me Off Sugar, a programme designed to ween you off sugar through a 28-day detox and a series of personalised coaching sessions with nutritionist Laura Thomas. Roxane has just completed the course so I caught up with her to find out how she got on in the last three weeks of her sugar-free month.

Read parts one and two of this feature.

S&TS: You’re on day 28 now. How has the last three weeks without sugar been?

Roxane: Fine actually. I’m surprised that I managed it, I did better than I thought I would.

Has not eating sugar made you feel differently?

I do feel better for it, but I thought maybe I would have seen more drastic change, like being able to sleep better. But to be fair I’ve been working unusual hours and doing night shifts so it’s hard to tell. If I’d been in a usual nine to five routine I think I would have noticed more of a difference, it’s harder to compare when I’m stressed.

What did you find hardest in the last three weeks?

I think it was hardest when I was stressed, like if I finished a night shift and wanting a sugary coffee as a treat at the end. I didn’t manage to resist all the time. It’s those ingrained habits of a lifetime that are harder to break.

Have you lost any more weight?

No, I lost 1.5 kilos to begin with but then put it back on. It might be because I was substituting more fatty foods for sugary ones, but then it’s not really supposed to be a weight loss diet.

– – –

I’ll be checking back in with Roxane next week for her final verdict and speaking to Laura Thomas to find out how Roxane compared with other participants.

Find out more about Mentor Me Off Sugar at


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