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Fyodor Golan SS14: London Fashion Week show report

Fyodor Golan, ss14, London, LFW, collection, 2013, catwalk, model

New kids on the block Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman give us a lesson in the delightful wearability of sport luxe with their third outing at London Fashion Week – with just enough punk edge (and a soundtrack to match) to put them on the fashion map for good.

The beginning of Fashion Week heralds nervous anticipation of the good, the bad and the ugly that are about to strut down the London runways, all legs and pout and futuristic fabric. At half past nine on Friday morning, en route the Fyodor Golan show, the weather was not the blogger’s friend. But regardless of the bedraggled appearance of the majority of the audience, Fyodor Golan put on a show overlooking the city skyline that completely captivated.

Taking the initial launch pad of motorcycle wear and inverting it with pastel shades and textures of snakeskin, pleats and quilt, the result was a kind of updated version of eighties power-dressing, all geometry and dropped shoulders. The chunky white shoes with their complex, graphic heels were feats of architecture. Candyfloss shades were injected with acidic sulphurs and greens – always lively and youthful, but understated, not garish. A hard balance to strike indeed.

FyoFyodor Golan, ss14, London, LFW, collection, 2013, catwalk, green

In between ringing out my coat and snapping uncontrollably on Instagram, I scribbled down one word in reaction to Fyodor Golan’s SS14 girl – cool. The whole collection felt unapologetically cool, as if it had already been seen on the backs of Cara and co. From deliciously silky jumpsuits to structured skater skirts and crop tops made of smiley face pailettes, I wanted to be the girl who wears Fyodor Golan. And alongside a killer soundtrack from hipster favourites Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells and David Bowie, the show was an homage to both the future and the past.

As the models with their slicked back hair and minimal make-up filed backstage, I looked around to my fellow spectators, did a kind of raised-eyebrowed acknowledgement and said, ‘So, what did you think of it?’ And every time, the answer was ‘Yeah, I thought it was…cool.’ If fashion is about looking cool – and let’s be honest, it is – Podgorny and Frydman have got their fingers right on the pulse.

Fyodor Golan, ss14, London, LFW, collection, 2013, catwalk, feathers, 1980s



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