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Can a four-week course help you kick your sugar addiction for good? Part four

Roxane has now completed Mentor Me Off Sugar, the four-week programme intended to help you control your sugar cravings. Here, we here her final verdict and what the programme leader thinks of Roxane’s progress.

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This is the final part in a series following Roxane, a doctor, as she trials Mentor Me Off Sugar. Read parts one to three here.

Last week I caught up with Roxane at the end of her 28-day detox, during which she had to cut sugar out of of her diet altogether. Following the detox, Roxane had one more Skype session with Laura Thomas, founder of, to ‘talk about the future and how to transition in the long term.’ After completing the whole programme, what’s Roxane’s verdict? Would she recommend it to other people who want to reset their relationship with sugar?

“I think it’s worth a try. Even if you don’t feel radically different it really makes you aware of all the added sugar in different foods. I couldn’t believe even natural yoghurt has added sugar, so it’s been good at improving my awareness in that way. I’m not sure it’s helped my energy levels so much, but because I’ve been doing night shifts and long hours at the hospital it’s hard to tell.”

I asked Laura how she thought Roxane had done and she told me:

“Roxanne completed the course well despite being under tremendous work pressure and with a difficult routine. During our calls Roxane admitted she wasn’t perfect but there is no perfect with this course and each individual has their own experience. Roxane identified that she stopped having a sweet after every meal and felt a real sense of achievement turning down desserts and sugary foods during her work breaks. We talked about how to continue these successes going forward to sustainably maintain progress. There are still areas where I know Roxane wants to address later when she’s in an easier job, and there are still times when she’s eating sugar, but I think it’s been a valuable education and self awareness experience that will help her with improving her long term health. It was a pleasure to work with Roxane.”

Laura also had this advice for anyone thinking of doing a sugar detox:

“If you’re considering a sugar detox, look at the time you’re doing it. You do need to have a certain amount of will power available for maintaining your efforts to help you reach a point when cravings lessen and habits start to adjust. A very busy time at work or excessive social events will make it harder. However, this course is designed to get you healthier without having to stop your life for a month, so dealing with real life is all part of it.”

Mentor Me Off Sugar costs £297. Find out more and sign up for six months of free tips and a free snack guide by subscribing at


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