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Tabloid Culture | Is There Anything They Won’t Pick On?

To answer my own question, it doesn’t look like it. How far is too far when it comes to tabloid newspapers unfairly ripping into someone to an audience who could be in a similar boat to the famous face in question? 


Back in March this year I blogged about sexism in the media – specifically the constant taunts from celeb gossip columnists about the weight gain of Kim Kardashian (one of the most photographed women in the world) while she was pregnant (see post here). While it’s no secret that women have some pretty impossible standards of beauty to live up to, I recently got a reminder that men haven’t escaped unscathed from the, at times, nasty tabloid culture.

Earlier this week I came across several articles about Jude Law’s receding hairline and it made me think of all the male readers out there who could be in a similar situation to Jude. Not the nicest message to send out that you’re no longer attractive without hair, is it?

Although it was a departure from the usual stories obsessing over the fluctuating waistlines of female celebs, this particular criticism felt just as pointless leaving me wondering why such personal attacks are deemed worthy reading material? Still, heat magazine sells more than say, The Economist so it will continue.

Yes, they may have all the money in the world but can’t say I envy this aspect of celeb life. To sum up, I very much like my life as a nobody and well, Jude Law is still pretty damn hot in my book.


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