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J.Crew London Autumn Select Edit

Having blogged about the imminent arrival of J.Crew to London’s Regent Street, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite autumn picks from the store – some of which are now in my wardrobe.  I like J.Crew for being easy; it’s higher-end without being purse-breakingly expensive (bearing in mind that I work in retail so get a sneaky discount!) and the fabric and fit are usually much better than my usual go-to throwaway fashion labels.  It’s not breaking the mould and it’s not statement making; celebrities are unlikely to wear it down the red carpet but for me, I adore simple, fuss-free clothes that create a pulled-together look without any pre-9am drama.  Maybe it’s because I’m soon to be leaving my 20s (eek) and get bored with over-thinking my wardrobe and don’t have the time or inclination to trawl the vast high street anymore.  Either way, simplicity is king for me at the moment.   Plus living in a small London flat means there’s no space for rails of endless options.

Headed up by the famous Jemma Lyons, the brand is unpretentious and understands that simplicity is timeless and fits in with busy lives…

Schoolboy Blazer £200 – this has made it into my autumn wardrobe, I wear it with ankle cropped waxed jeans and plain relaxed fit t-shirts.  It even has an inside pocket like actual school ones:

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer

Wool & Silk Blend Skirt £180 – I wear this candy coloured A-line skirt with burgundy knitted jumpers or navy/white striped loose tops and ankle boots:

J.Crew Wool & Silk-Blend Mini Skirt £180

J.Crew Horsing Around Sweatshirt £65 – this is playful and really easy to wear with boyfriend jeans and flat pumps:

J.Crew Horsing Around Sweatshirt £65

Tippi ribbed and waffle-knit merino wool sweater £100 – this has a really nice colour combination and would look amazing with charcoal jeans and sky-high ankle boots:

J.Crew Tippi Ribbed & Waffle Knit Merion Wool Sweater £100

J.Crew Crepe Track Pants £140 – these look easy breezy. Stretchy waistband and tapered leg but look ultra polished with heels, silk shirts and a clutch.  Smart without the fuss:

J.Crew Crepe Track Pants £140


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