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The blanket scarf: Autumn’s best bet

Want an easy way to chic up any old outfit come this autumn and – heaven forbid – keep warm too? Look no further than the coolest piece of the season: the blanket scarf, we welcome you.

You might think I’m mad, but I cannot wait for winter. I’m a winter person through and through. Today, walking home from Sainsbury’s durng a freak sunny spell I was actively unhappy because I was so goddamn hot. Not only because of the heavy food shopping and the almost vertical hill up to my house, but also because of the lovely, if gigantic, scarf round my neck.

As the weather changes and it becomes cooler, but not quite cool enough for a full-on coat, the blanket scarf is the answer to all your goosebumped prayers. The bigger the better, it looks all the more stylish with hair tucked in the top, as seen on the Burberry AW13 catwalk. It can give a much-needed shot of colour to an otherwise dull autumn outfit, or cover a multitude of sins (wobbly belly or too-low top, you’re included). And best of all, when you’re in a nippy train station or cinema screen, it doubles up as a blanket to keep yourself toasty. Luckily, the high street has caught on and there are scarves aplenty to choose from. Here’s a few of the best:

scarf, winter, autumn, knit, blanket, 2013, ASOS

Monki Stella Scarf, £20

scarf, winter, autumn, knit, blanket, 2013, RI

River Island Beige Border Print Blanket Scarf, £22, Asosscarf, winter, autumn, knit, blanket, 2013, zara

Long Narrow Scarf with Stripes, £19.99, Zara
scarf, winter, autumn, knit, blanket, 2013, Oasis

Oasis Softy Scarf, £22

scarf, winter, autumn, knit, blanket, 2013

Mango Check Knit Scarf, £29.99

Whack em on the Christmas list folks, much cheaper than a new coat and they’ll serve til next summer.


One comment on “The blanket scarf: Autumn’s best bet

  1. Helen Coakley
    October 10, 2013

    Scarf porn. It’s pretty much the only thing about the winter months I enjoy…digging out my collection!

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