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Got room for a 17ft Dinosaur? ‘Misty’ is looking for a new home

I don’t know about you, but if I had the room for a 17ft genuine Diplodocus skeleton in my flat (or even if I had a balcony I may consider it for a mere moment) I’d be rather excited about Summers Place Auctions ‘Evolution’ sale on 27th November.  The auction house is, for the first time in the UK, offering up the relatively complete Diplodocus Longus skeleton to the public and carries an estimate of £400,000 – £600,000.  I mean, if you had that sort of cash lying around, why wouldn’t you adopt Misty (yes, that is it’s real name).

Evolution at Summers Place Auctions Misty dinosaur skeleton sale

However, on the off-chance you are still a little strapped for square footage at the moment then it’s probably a good thing dinosaurs are so de rigor right now…

Firstly, check out this amazing D.I.Y Dinosaur bag from that I came across on Pinterest.  Despite the Triceratops looking like it’s solid gold, it is in fact a child’s toy cut in half and spray painted.  Who said you have to stop playing when you grow up?

dinosaur trend dinosaur fashion dinosaur art 2013 dinosaur bag DIY

And it seems the Dino trend isn’t just infiltrating the world of arts and crafts and auction houses, but designers such as Emma Cook has embraced the pre-historic with her latest Jurassic Park inspired offerings:

Dino sweatshirt: £220.  

Dinosaur fashion dino fashion asks emma cook emma cook dino top

So as the past and future begin to collide, let us never forget that when a Dinosaur says ‘Rawwwwr’, it likes you.

dinosaur trend dinosaur fashion dinosaur art 2013

You can find more information on Misty and the Summers house Auctions here.


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