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Best Autumn Skincare Buys – Dehydrated Skin

Right, the week has arrived – after awaiting for the (let’s face it, pretty decent) last gasps of summer to peter out, the overcoat has emerged from the depths of storage and winter boots have been unstuffed.  Whilst this reawakening of new wardrobe pieces offers brief excitement (the novelty will wear off by the November) it can sometimes result in the usual change-in-weather skin upsets.

They’ll be a few upcoming posts on new-season beauty and skincare as we’re not ones to pass up an excuse to try new potions.

Here are my favourite solutions to counteract dehydrated skin stress:

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray I love a moisture spray but feel a bit of a princess indulging in a mid-afternoon spritz at my desk.  However in recent weeks, the girls in my team have been asking for a spritz themselves so it’s now been made into a 4pm ritual (much like the trip to the vending machine).

Moisture Surge Face Spray

Eucerin Aquaphora – this is quite the dry skin warrior.  Not for day time or if slight dryness is your issue.  This provides a physical barrier on your skin letting your skin regenerate whilst in a protective bubble.  Ideal for post ‘skiing skin’ or on cracked dry hands.  I purchased it after a particularly brutal eyebrow wax which left me looking like some had taken a scalpel to my face.  Applying this during the day didn’t look all that great but, thankfully, the irritation disappeared after a few days.  I’m keeping it on hand for further injuries or use it as a face mask for 20 minutes whilst getting ready for bed.




Lip Service Lip Balm £5.75 – I’m not a fan of Vaseline or balms that just seem to sit on the surface of your lips, this version is made from Shea Butter and essential oils making it really natural and absorbent.  Read the product info here and watch the video on how it’s made.


Lip Service


SKII Facial Hydrating UV Cream £64.50 – this is expensive but I’ve had it over 2 months and only half has gone.  It’s proven a gem as my skin has become drier in the last few weeks.  I have also been exfoliating more frequently and wearing a UV cream is super important post scrub.





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