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Top 5 winter accessories to get your mitt(ens) on now

Apparently there’s snow forecasted for November, how the weather machines know this I have no clue but even if we’re not all panicking about the grit-levels, one thing is certain – it’s going to get chilly and probably soonish.  Don’t get caught out and be that person on the freezing commute who didn’t get the weather memo and is wearing denier 10 tights and a light canvas jacket.  Get prepared and dust off your winter accessories or get ordering some of these so you’re ready when the biting cold hits….


God forbid we should have to stop being glued to our iPhone because of the cold, keep on texting with these ribbed-tip gloves….

American Eagle AEO Ribbed Glove £12.34




H&M Knitted Hat, £6.99



H&M Knitted Hat




COS Angora Snood £35


COS snood


Keep your hands and arms warm with these elbow length gloves:


Acne Lucida ribbed merino wool gloves £60




Acne gloves


Not entirely essential but super-cute…..


H&M Dog Jumper £14.99


H&M Dog jumper




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