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What to Buy Now: November’s Wish List

Hoorah! It’s a few days into the month, hopefully the bills are paid and there’s money left in the bank for your autumn wardrobe updates. And as the nights draw in – and they really have lately, no? I do not see the sun anymore – we all have to sartorially anticipate the winter days. Here are a few high street edits for your spare pennies this month, before you spend all your dollar on stuff for other people next month…

1. The Chunky Knit

Saluting mothers and grandmothers the world over, now is the time to splash out (a bit) on a cosy jumper for those moments when you step out the door and the freezing wind makes you feel mildly sick. Look to thick, high necks to stop that chill down your front – and look classically chic too.

Zara, jumper, pink, aw 2013, roll-neck, winter

Funnel Neck RIbbed Sweater, Zara, £45.99

2. The Annual Coat

Is it just me or does it seem necessary to buy a new coat every year? Yes, they’re expensive and I only wear them half the year but it’s just so dull dusting off last season’s offering. But since when has fashion been about sensible decisions? NEVER. Go pink if you don’t mind it dating terribly next year, or camel for a love-it-for-life piece.

Oasis, Mollie King, coat, camel, winter, 2013

Faux Leather Collar Car Coat, Oasis ‘Loved By Mollie’, £110

3. The Rainy-day Fedora

We all know I love a good hat, and I’m slowly converting all my friends to fedora fandom. Some remain unconvinced – ‘your hat is offensive’ (colleague), ‘you look like Jeepers Creepers’ (boyfriend) – but who cares? Let me reiterate, fashion is not about sensible decisions. You’ll feel super swag, and its good damage limitation in the odd downpour. Note: not for windy days. Never windy days.

Fedora, Hat, Winter, 2013, Rain, Accessories

Felt Fedora with Metal Band, ASOS, £28

4. The Mini Bag

The many knots in my back testify to the fact that I’m carrying far too much crap around with me in my bags. The solution? Buy a bag that can fit the bare essentials. Even the diary ain’t making it into this thing – but your chiropractic health will thank you. Also works as an investment for all those jazzy Christmas parties you’ll attend. Probably.

Micro Bag, Shoulder bag, Mango, AW13, 2013, Black

Vinyl Panel Messenger Bag, Mango, £39.99

Alternatively, give this list to your mum/partner/generous friend for Christmas. If you can wait that long.


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