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The Wonderful World of Wahanda: Testing Microdermabrasion through the Internet’s best salon service

We’ve been doing a lot of skincare posts on here of late, and there is a good reason for that.  For one, skincare is big business and more importantly, your skin is the largest organ you possess.  Let’s face it, who isn’t in search of baby bum-soft skin and the fountain of youth?  That’s why when Wahanda got in touch with us, I decided to test microdermabrasion, a type of skin treatment I’ve been dying to experience for a while now, instead of your run of the mill facial.

What is Wahanda?

If you are an avid salon-goer you may have already heard of  If not then meet your new Internet-based best friend.  Wherever you live, all you need to do is go to Wahanda and type in your location and the type of treatment you are looking for then salons in your area will pop up with all the offers they have.  So if you’re looking for a Swedish massage, a new hair do, or in the mood to get your nails done at a top spa, chances are you’ll find a fantastic discount in your area.  Having decided microdermabrasion was the way to go, I searched for salons near my offices so I could pop in after work.  How did do you pick one you can entrust your face to?  You can filter the salons in your area by price, popularity and customer ratings to see what previous clients have said. I chose Jade Angel at Czaro Hair, just off Oxford Street.

Wahanda microdermabrasion review wahanda west london wahanda facial review

What is microdermabrasion?

Now, microdermabrasion may sound painful and conjure up images of someone sandpapering your cheeks, but it was actually rather relaxing.  My skin therapist, Gabriella, cleaned my face, neck and shoulders and began the process of using the microdermabrasion wand that delivers crystals to the surface of your skin and quickly vacuums them away again.  This acts as a powerful mechanical exfoliator, removing dead skin cells and sucking the built up layers of grime from your pores.  You can’t achieve this level of exfoliation at home, as the machinery and concentrate are only designed for salon use (and I think I would be too scared to do this myself anyway).  This treatment is meant to leave you with a healthy and refreshing glow, and it is recommended you complete a course to get your skin in tiptop condition.

As I had opted for the ‘deluxe’ treatment, Gabriella then applied a cold mud mask to my face (and over my mouth), which molded and peeled off twenty minutes later.  I must admit it did look slightly like a death mask, but she showed me how it can reveal where your skin is dehydrated or any pores that need special attention, whilst acting as a plumper for my face (hence why it goes over your lips too!).  After a quick slathering of moisturiser the treatment was complete and I was told to not exercise, wear make up or take a hot shower for the rest of the night as the skin is very sensitive.

Was it worth it?

As soon as the treatment was complete, my skin felt fresh and incredibly clean.  Over the next few days my skin did peel slightly in certain areas, but this is to be expected as the dead skin falls away.  It has now been two weeks since my treatment and my skin still feels in remarkably good condition.  Although I would love to be able to afford a course of treatments (recommended course is once a week for six weeks and then once a month after) at £60 a pop it will have to be a seasonal treat for me. Jade Angel was a delight though, and Gabriella made me feel very welcome and at ease.

Wahanda microdermabrasion review wahanda west london wahanda facial review Jade Angel at Czaro

Price: £60 for Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion (Delux, 1 hour), or £45 for Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion (45 minutes).

Where: Jade Angel at Czaro.

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