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Milky Bar Kid Cakes for your Monday Morning

Most of the time I leave the baking posts up to my fellow writers.  I was blessed with a Mother who adores baking, cooking and generally feeding everyone else and as such have remained rather indifferent to it all, with no real need to ever own a whisk. 

Now, since I moved out of home a while ago and am approaching my mid-twenties, the lure of the odd Friday night in with a glass (bottle) of red and occasional baking session has starting tickling my fancy more and more.  And despite my growing appreciation and want of joining the rolling pin owners of the world, my skills still remain rather crude and child like.

So I decided to infuse this Nigella white chocolate muffin recipe with a few juvenile tricks…

Milky Bar Kid Cakes, milky bar muffins white chocolate chip muffins

Substitute the la de da white chocolate Nigella would expect you to use for Milky Bars, and when chopping the chocolate up leave the chunks extra large.

Then coat in a ridiculous amount of icing sugar and drizzle it all over, and top with too many sprinkles.

And voila – Milky Bar Kid Cakes. Just don’t eat any before bed otherwise you’ll be bouncing off the walls…


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