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Do you want to try a juice detox minus the huge cost? Try this cheap alternative…

I blogged earlier in the year about going on a juice detox as a way of giving my digestion a break and resetting some unhealthy snacking habits.  I got a good deal on Groupon and found the 5 days easier than expected although not particularly enjoyable. I felt I was giving my wine-soaked liver a little holiday and pledged to try and do a 5 day juice cleanse twice a year.


Having looked more recently at options I was a) surprised at the number of juicing companies that have recently fired up their industrial sized blenders ready to press and delivery bottled vitality to your door and b) the enormous cost involved.  Many of them were between £250-£400 for a 5 day juice which is prohibitively expensive.  The trend has obviously gained momentum and companies are cropping up and cashing in on the health kick.  Camilla Long from the Sunday Times Style magazine even coined the term ‘juice bitch’, describing the girl in your office/flat/gym class that is clearly starving and agitated due to her current cleanse.  No one likes a diet bore…

I realise that dieting or detox chat is banished during the festive window and the juicing companies will be no doubt banging down the door on January 1st ready to relieve you of the dregs of your credit card limit.  However it’s not December quite yet and why not ready your body for the upcoming gin-fuelled evenings?

Vegesentials is a new company that blends 50% vegetables (healthy goodness) with 50% fruit (to stop it tasting of vegetable juice).  This balance is better for you as pure fruit smoothies have a lot of (naturally occurring) sugar and high acidity.  The vegetable portion lowers the sugar and calorie content whilst making the smoothie more alkaline – which is in line with our body’s natural PH levels.

I was expecting them to taste a bit bleurgh as kale, parsnip and celery aren’t my usual go-to juices but they’re actually really tasty and not at all earthy in flavour or pond water-like in appearance.

They come in 5 flavours, are stocked at Waitrose, John Lewis and Whole Foods Market plus at £1.99 each in comparison to juicing plans, they’re a steal.  Rather than do a pure juice diet I used the drinks to replace snacks and/or meals depending on my week.  Do some research or consult a nutritionist to devise a schedule (I’m not qualified) or use them to supplement your diet.

To save even more money, you could actually do the blending yourself – I’m personally saving that for January once Santa has delivered my Vitamix….



2 comments on “Do you want to try a juice detox minus the huge cost? Try this cheap alternative…

  1. sophiecha
    November 24, 2013

    What’s the tastiest flavour?

  2. Helen Coakley
    November 25, 2013

    I’ve just started blending my own! I got a blender on wowcher and tried a few hardcore veg ones that I couldnt stomach. So starting on sweeter ones now. Banana, half 1 avocado, chia seeds, rasperries, crushed ice and low fat cherry yoghurt. mmmmmmmm

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