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Stay happy with a SAD lamp

I’ve never been a morning person.  I love nothing more than a ten hour sleep and in the oft event that this quota is not met – peeling my lazy self off my luxurious super king mattress is tough.  In winter it can be near impossible.  Therefore before we get into depths of winter I’ve treated myself to a LUMIE Bodyclock which simulates sunrise to gently wake you rather than shocking you out of bed with a Marimba tone and endless snooze hits.

The light gets brighter over 30 minutes and then you’re woken from your lighter sleep with the option of a dawn chorus, roosters (no ta) wave sounds, white noise or the radio.  The waves and dawn chorus are still a nice novelty but the white noise sounds like interference and would make me anxious although it’s meant to be good at blocking out background noise if you live near a busy road or can hear next door’s screaming new-born.


SAD lamp


Having slept for a week with the new lamp, it is a nicer way to wake up although the claims that it elevates your mood, boosts energy and sharpens concentration are probably just side effects from a good night’s sleep.  If  you have a boyfriend or flatmate who get up before you, you could just get them to start switching the landing lights on and fling open some curtains.  I’m happy with my new alarm clock although the secret to springing out of bed is probably simply getting to bed earlier and not having half a bottle of wine with dinner…


One comment on “Stay happy with a SAD lamp

  1. blondekatie
    December 3, 2013

    I think I need one of these – this morning I slept through my alarm because the volume wasn’t high enough. With my new job I have to get up at 630 but I awoke at 745 feeling really refreshed, until I looked at the clock and had 90 mins of stress hoping I wasn’t going to be shouted at by my new boss when I finally got in (I wasn’t, she’s lovely). Never again.

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