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Tech-savvy delights and insights courtesy of QVC

Now, here at Style & Then Some we are lucky enough to be invited to some wonderful (and sometimes weird) press events. One of our absolute favorites during the spring/summer season is hosted by QVC. 

Now, before you write QVC off as ‘that shopping channel’ take a look at their brilliant website.  QVC events are always held somewhere gorgeous and this season was no exception.  Hosted in a beautiful house in Fitzrovia, each room contained a different range of products.  For instance, the kitchen was full of new age Tupperware, baking gadgets, electric whisks and mixers, whereas the bedrooms upstairs housed fashion and jewellery.  Downstairs in the basement, however, were my pick of the bunch – that’s where I found an impressive array of tech-savvy products. Here are a couple of my favourites.

1.    The LG LSM Smart Scan Scanner Mouse – £62.40 (for PC and Mac).

QVC SS14 Press day electronics Mouse Scanner Scanner Mouse LG LG LSM Smart Scan Scanner Mouse

QVC SS14 Press day electronics Mouse Scanner Scanner Mouse LG LG LSM Smart Scan Scanner Mouse

In other words, it’s a mouse with a built-in scanner. All you have to do is swipe over the document or whatever you wish to scan and it will instantly appear on your screen.  Space saving or what…

2.    The WeMo Insight Switch (Price and release date TBC):

Belkin WeMo QVC Press Day QVC SS14 press day Belkin WeMo

This nifty device is perfect if you, like me, suffer from forgetting-to-switch-your-straighteners-off-syndrome.  The WeMo connects to your smartphone and lets you switch off and on everything from lights, dishwashers, TVs and so forth from anywhere you are.  Seriously, what did we do before smartphones?

As well as these, QVC will also have a wireless Dyson (you heard right), ridiculously sharp HD TVs, monitors and superb quality cameras, but unfortunately we may have to wait until the New Year to reveal these (products so hot from the oven we can’t even get information on them yet!)


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