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Winter skincare: acne prone skin

Following on from my autumn skincare post I’ve been trialling some acne solutions on my troublesome skin days due to my spot prone complexion.  We’re not talking prescription grade, antibiotic level acne, but persistent, often frequent-in-number type of acne – mainly around the chin and jaw.

When the breakout hit, I turned to my favourite brands: Murad, Avene, Dermalogica etc. and tried some of their products designed for blemished skin.  The problem I find is that I’m not 17 and can’t use the sort of acne solutions you find in Boots or the supermarket which blast off the first 5 layers of skin as they leave my skin dry, flaky and often in further crisis.  Having sensitive, dry skin, I need to be mindful not to strip the skin or use products that will mark my skin, which can lead to scarring.

I have tried a number of Murad products from other ranges but was tempted by the anti-ageing blemish range which is aimed at people who suffer from acne as adults.  I invested in the Time Release Cleanser which targets acne yet still feels light and non-abrasive.  It doesn’t even make your skin slightly dry, it just has a mild tingle.  I’d recommend this as a good starting point.  I then got sent the Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator from the same range which is said to moisturise whilst soothing and repairing breakouts.  They have become part of my twice daily routine and I love that there is no reddening or drying involved.  The cleanser must be good as it seems to be sold out everywhere!

Time Release Cleanser

For dry and spotty skin, cleansing and frequent exfoliating treatments are of utmost importance.  The regular turnover of cells can clear your complexion in less time but be careful not to over-scrub or be over-zealous with the AHAs.  Twice a week is probably about right. Use a mask or find a cleansing product with an exfoliating agent.

I love Eve Lom Cleanser but it’s a bit pricey for everyday and lots of cheaper ranges such as Purity skincare do exfoliating alternatives:


I’ve written about Avene TriAcneal before and it has been re-purchased again and again as it has a vitamin A derivative which fades acne marks as well as treats current problem-areas.


Finally, after all that treating and willing your skin better, remember to protect it, even in winter, with a broad spectrum SPF as your skin is more sensitive when being slathered with peeling agents and vitamin A amongst other ingredients.  I love this day screen from Clarins which effortlessly sweeps over moisturiser for a flawless finish:

Clarins Day Screen


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