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Why I intend to be all dressed up with nowhere to go this Christmas Day


Christmas parties are just one hurdle – the real question is, what are you wearing for Christmas Day? Yes, its virtually pointless dressing up with nowhere to go, but you know you’re gonna consume a lot of turkey in your best garbs anyway.

I have just purchased a rather lovely jumpsuit – not for a Christmas party (mine is a fancy dress Christmas party; I’m going as Adam Ant in his ‘Prince Charming’ video, but frankly that’s a whole different blog post) but for Christmas Day. I’ve heard on good authority (er, my friends) that wearing something fancy on Christmas Day is a common practice – hell, even buying a new outfit altogether. Which overall is kind of strange given it’s the one day where you sit around, eat a lot of food, probably get a bit drunk and almost never venture into normal society. If you did, no one would be there anyway.

But nevertheless, me and my jumpsuit reckoned with each other and established that it does in fact tick all the boxes of a winning Christmas Day outfit. Which are:

–   Comfort. Yes, do bring us some figgy pudding – I have a suitably elasticated waistband.

–   Style. You want it to be reflective of the stuff you usually wear – my wardrobe currently consists of a lot of black (cheery) so black with a bit of spangle is bang on.

–  Suitability. Now it’s all very well styling out some ludicrous dress you saw in a magazine, but if you’ve got elders coming, think of their sensibilities, they probably don’t want an eyeful.

–  Timelessness. Christmas is almost always a well-photographed day, so try and pick something that won’t make you want to incinerate the photos later.

–   Cost. It’s DECEMBER. I have NO MONEY. Take pity, fashion gods.

To that end, here are few Christmas ensembles in the shops right now that meet those core criteria:

Dress, Christmas, 2013, Winter, Fashion, ASOS

Skater Dress in Star Lace, ASOS, £32

Zara, Winter, Christmas, Jumpsuit, 2013, Winter

Full Length Combined Jumpsuit, Zara, £59.99

Mango, Winter, Christmas, 2013, Dress

Draped Neckline Dress, Mango, £49.99

Oasis, Dress, Sequins, Christmas, 2013, Winter

Sequin Wrap Dress, Oasis, £60

Of course, if you’ve got a Bridget Jones situation on your hands, all this planning goes out the window – you’re wearing the gawdy Christmas jumper and liking it. Luckily, even they are sartorially acceptable this season – and Katie’s covered that for you too! Now there’s no excuse not to outshine the Christmas tree lights this year.


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