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Torrential rain cramping your style? Avoid the farmer look in the city with these Chelsea boot wellies

The first three weeks of 2014 have provided the perfect climate conditions for the January Blues to thrive. Depressing drizzle, torrential downpours, floods and, if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic, that little thing called the Polar Vortex, have made going back to work either physically impossible or a challenge worthy of an Ellen MacArthur documentary. The waterlogged conditions also pose a footwear puzzle: if you have to venture out, do you a) take the sensible route and pull on your wellies, splashing smugly through puddles with gay abandon or b) stick with your usual warm but in no way waterproof boots because you don’t want to look like a reject from Town & Country magazine on the platform of Clapham Junction station in your baby blue floral wellies? That’s right, the latter is me.

Well, not any more, because I have a solution to this wet weather conundrum. Behold: Chelsea boot wellies.

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Exisiting on that elusive crossroads where fashion and function meet, these black ankle boots are a doppelganger of your classic patent Chelsea style thanks to their slim cut, slightly pointed toe and sub-one inch heel, but as they’re rendered in rubber they’re totally watertight. My size sixes are roomy enough to allow for a snug pair of thick socks and I can tuck my skinny jeans into them, but the stretchy side panel means they’re easy to slip on and off, unlike a lot of traditional Wellington boots that seem to weld onto your feet (I genuinely once pulled a back muscle while taking off my wellies. I was on a boat. I don’t want to talk about it). Mine have proven invaluable for avoiding damp feet on the way to work without leaving me feeling self-conscious in the shoe department.

Where are they from? I orginally saw this style in (don’t scoff) Matalan. They then sold out, but you can get the same kind in black from River Island at the moment for £20 (plus £3.95 delivery online), or you can get them from a variety of sellers on eBay from £9.99 for ‘buy it now’ (plus around £7.99 postage and packaging). They’ve got red, pink, orange and green versions, and even leopard print and sparkles if you’re into that kind of thing. Full listings below.

These sturdy Chelsea boots in disguise are really good value in themselves, they’ll also save your non-rubberised shoes from the horrors of rain and snow damage (I once had to throw away a pair of gorgeous navy leather knee-high boots after walking through snow left them with a white tide mark that wouldn’t budge) so you’ve got to factor in that too. In short, they’re practical, pretty and have reignited my black ankle boot addiction big time.


2 comments on “Torrential rain cramping your style? Avoid the farmer look in the city with these Chelsea boot wellies

  1. jackiemallon
    January 14, 2014

    Too cute and my mood could do with a lift…

  2. caroline
    January 14, 2014

    Love these booties!

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