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New Year, old look: Style inspiration from Annie Hall

Annie Hall, Woody Allen, 1977, Film, Fashion

Surely, ‘New Year, New You’ must be the laziest marketing slogan known to man. And whilst we all profess to be done with clichéd New Year’s resolutions, we should see this opportunity for what it is: a legitimate excuse to buy new clothes. Now, buying new clothes needs direction, careful thought and style inspiration. I may not be able to provide the whole of that Holy Trinity, but I’ve got plenty of the latter.

Annie Hall, super-muse from the mind of the ultimate hipster Woody Allen, is now going to be my 2014 style inspiration. Many women may worship at the temple of fierce that is Beyonce Knowles, but I prefer the ironic shrine to awkwardness and heavy wool, actress Diane Keaton circa 1977. Practical, cheap, warm and stylish – you can’t say fairer than that.

Why Ms Hall? It’s not actually because Keaton appeared at the Golden Globes this week in her trademark borrowed-from-a-boy suit to collect Allen’s Lifetime Achievement Award for him – it’s because of a woman closer to home. As I left work the other night (raining, dark, cold, bleurgh), I put on my cable knit Topshop bobble hat, and I thought to myself, I wish I could wear this hat all the live long day (you can’t, offices frown upon that). I like its chunkiness, the camel colour and the way my fringe sticks out like a boy in the 1970s. And the lady sat next to me said ‘it suits you, you look like Annie Hall.’

Annie’s basics tend to be thus: high-waisted, bell bottom trousers, preferably in a heavy knit beige or grey, a white shirt, ribbed knit sweaters or sleeveless cardigans, a hearty dose of breton stripe and some sort of scholastic satchel. Wind, rain, inevitable snow on the way – bar some soggy trouser-ends, this look is good to go. And this look, with all its practicality, will never date – because it was never cool in the first place. That’s fashion by Woody Allen folks, trendsetting and trendless all at once.

Luckily the high street heard my call:

Annie Hall, wide leg trousers, navy, winter, 2014

Wide Leg Trousers, ASOS, £38

White shirt, cotton, Annie Hall, winter, 1970s, 2014

Boxy Cotton Shirt, Mango, £16.99

Brogues, Masculine, Shoes, Patent, Winter, Annie Hall, 2014

Black Patent Geek Shoes, Next, £32

Black Jumper, Roll Neck, Zara, 2014, Annie Hall, Winter

Silk and Cotton Sweater, Zara, £17.99

Satchel, Tan, Leather, Annie Hall, Zara, Winter, 2014

Leather Bowling Bag, Zara, £29.99

Who is your style inspiration for 2014? Comment below…


3 comments on “New Year, old look: Style inspiration from Annie Hall

  1. jackiemallon
    January 16, 2014

    I love love love Annie Hall! But it is the only time I like Diane Keaton. Otherwise she makes me very irritated. But that movie was the perfect pairing of actress and role. Your 2014 will be very stylish.

  2. Rock N Roam
    January 17, 2014

    I’ve always loved annie hall’s style. good choice

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