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Winter Sun: what to pack

Being officially the most depressing time of the year, it’s quite a good month to bring forward that yearned-for July holiday and top up your vitamin D levels when they’re at their most critical (i.e. now).

Having endured 10 days in the Caribbean (I know, whattabitch) these were my travel, beach and general holidaying essentials:

Bioderma is becoming a higher profile brand in the UK after once being exclusively sold in French chemists and really hard to find on the internet.  An affordable yet high-performance range, the sunscreens and aftersun were amazing.  I used the Bioderma Photoderm Spot Cream SPF50+ which I agree sounds like a thick facial emulsion paint however it was clear, lightweight and really good at preventing pigmentation and discolouring old acne scars and other marks prone to the sun.  The aftersun was equally impressive and not only hydrates and cools but somehow prepares skin for further exposure, optimising the skins natural UV defences.  It contains something called Cellular BIOprotection® complex which shields the skin against risks of cell damage. Most clever.


The only part of the Photoderm collection I wasn’t a fan of was the SPF40  sun mist which was too oily and slippery and made me look like a greasy brit abroad slathered in SPF2 cooking oil going for a burnt-to-a-crisp look.  I also picked up some standard at-the-airport buys including Soltan Extreme Lip SPF which goes on clear and is sweat resistant and Piz Buin Calmanelle which is again,  great for sensitive, sun-intolerant skin.

On to clothing, I’m not one for sashaying out for dinner in a swirl of sparkle or anything too chiffony.  Think cotton maxi dresses, shorts and lightweight sweatshirts or a basic playsuits with cheap flip flops.  I don’t even bring heels and make-up is minimal if it even makes an outing.  Don’t take jeans or anything you’ll struggle into with two layers of aftersun and a touch of sun burn.  Keep it loose fitting and relaxed, don’t take heels and masses of jewellery, save the adornment and complex hair-styling for nights out in London.

The flight – I try not to look like a mega chav in elastic-free joggers and a netball hoody from freshers week (although…how comfy would that be )however I’m also not going to wear my skinniest jeans, spike heeled boots and swathes of cashmere.  I go upscale loungewear in some posh leggings (not ones you can see your pants through), running shoes (so I don’t have to pack them), cosy jumper and lightweight, casual jacket.

Zara Jacket

Elastic waist leggings

New Balance

This year I went one further notch towards sleepwear and bought some fleece-lined slipper socks for the plane.  I’m not in my twenties for much longer…I can’t deal with cold feet. I also took some muscle rub in case my back got stiff on the flight and some ear plugs to drown out the snoring and stressed-out toddlers.  Who said air travel wasn’t glam…



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