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How to fake January radiance

I recently went to my GP to get something medically charged to deal with a short term spate of insomnia. My colleague was joking that to get the really good stuff I’d need to dust some grey eye-shadow over my face and keep my contacts in overnight to really nail the bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived look I wanted to hammer home during my ‘poor me’  chat at the doctors.

Luckily (well…not lucky) I didn’t need any props as I already had a very sallow, grey zeal to my complexion that only comes from staring infuriatingly at a dark, albeit lavender-scented room for 9, yes count them, nights.

After a few restful nights I gathered enough energy to tackle my sad complexion and vowed to push through January with fewer prescription pills and a tiny bit of a glow.

Here are my favourite complexion enhancers if you too look a bit peaky:

Bare Minerals warmth powder – I got this in my Bare Minerals starter pack and it really does amp up the colour of your skin without any orange glow or tide marks.  Be warmed less is definitely more, build it up gradually as it’s deceptively rich.


glominerals Sunkiss bronze powder – Helen and I were sent this same sample some months ago and the lightweight pressed powder is proving a January gem.  The colour is subtle and the mica adds a flattering shimmer without the looking sparkly or cheap.


Dior Skinflash Primer – looks like a giant YSL Touche Éclat and is fancily-packaged.  Designed to act as a radiance boosting complexion primer, this lightweight fluid combats dullness and post-Christmas skin.


Anything with vitamin C in it makes me think of glowing skin, or am I just thinking of oranges and berocca and stuff?  Either way, this feels like it’s doing some hard work and is ideal as a 4pm skin treat.

Murad Vitamin C Toner

Murad Vitamin C Toner

Finally moisturise your face within an inch of its life, especially a night. This age-old, bargain pot is my current favourite. Plus who can afford La Mer in January:

Nivea Crème Pot:

Nivea Creme


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