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New Year, old look: Style inspiration from Mia Wallace

Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction, 1990s, Quentin Tarantino

The nineties renaissance that began on the catwalks of Dries van Noten and Philip Lim is still merrily trickling down onto the high street several seasons on – no longer the forgotten years of fashion, the nineteen-nineties, in all their spaghetti strapped, crushed velvet glory, continue to reign supreme. Nothing says mid-nineties culture more than Quentin Tarantino’s iconic Pulp Fiction, so say hello to your newest – or oldest? – style inspiration: Mia Wallace.

So sure, she’s got a pretty unsavoury drug habit and terrifying gang kingpin of a husband. But Uma Thurman’s look for the seminal 1994 film is so stylised it may as well have popped out of a Warhol painting. The iconic picture (above) that has adorned many a wannabe film critic’s university bedroom wall remains one of the most memorable in modern cinema. Tarantino’s bizarre filmmaking flourishes became influential for decades to come – but what about the fashion?

First things first. The hair. Not the most forgiving of dos for most – trust me, I attempted it aged 17. Someone told me I looked a bit like Uma Thurman, I wasn’t entirely sure I liked that and grew out the fringe immediately. But now the fringe-bob combo is bang on trend again, so go wild with those scissors and hair dye (don’t. Please). Staples of Mia’s wardrobe include: a man’s white shirt (funny how often they crop up), a black slip dress, black cropped trousers, choker necklaces, some pretty vicious black stilettos and a longline trench coat. Plus some red nail varnish and ubiquitous cigarette, of course.

The high street isn’t short of imitations – now all you’ve got to do is find John Travolta and have a dance to this...

Trench coat, beige, spring summer, 1990s, pulp fiction

Light Beige Trench Coat, H&M, £39.99

ASOS, bodycon, dress, 2014, 1990s, Pulp Fiction

Mini Ribbed Bodycon Dress, ASOS, £22

White shirt, cotton, 1990s, masculine, Pulp Fiction, Mango

Cotton Boyfriend Shirt, Mango, £16.99

Black trousers, 1990s, Zara, Pulp Fiction, 2014

Trousers with Metal Zip, Zara, £35.99

Pointed heels, Black courts, ASOS, 1990s, Pulp Fiction

Spring Break Pointed Heels, ASOS, £22

Forever 21, Choker, 1990s, Pulp Fiction, 2014

Bold Cross Necklace, Forever 21, £3.15


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