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FrockSwap is back and you’d be a fool to miss it

Last time I wrote about the impending FrockSwap event, I had to speculate as to whether it would be any good. This time, I know it will be, and that makes me very excited.

Frockswap Brixton Feb 8 2014 clothes swap london clothing swap london 2014 spring charity trek stock south london shwopping swishing

FrockSwap, the charity clothes swapping (or shwopping or swishing or whatever you want to call it) event, is back at the Effra Social in Brixton on Saturday 8th February, 12.30 – 3pm, with all proceeds going to Trekstock again. Entry is £3.

At the last event, back in July 2013, Helen and I swapped our old duds for some really good stuff, like an ASOS dress, a sparkly Reiss LBD and a H&M blazer that still had the tags on. The selection of swappable items was awesome, far exceeding our expectations, plus there were homemade cakes for sale too. We made quite the day of it.

As such, I’d highly recommend you go along. How it works is you take along your unwanted clothes (in clean, good condition) and are given a token for each item. Then you peruse the racks of everyone else’s swag and use your tokens to ‘buy’ other items (it’s generally one token per item). A word of advice though: make sure you try everything on. We didn’t and ended up taking home some things that didn’t fit.

Organiser Lizzie Dixy says that this time “We will be in the slighlty larger main room at the Effra Social to give swappers a bit more space. I will definitely be having more helpers this time as four last time wasn’t quite enough, we were rushed off our feet!”

“We are getting some donations in advance, from people in the Brixton area – anyone is welcome to drop me a line and I can collect donations in advance. They can contact me on, via Twitter (@Frockswappers) or on my mobile, 07939059087.”

So if you don’t fancy carting a load of stuff down on the day you don’t have to. As if you needed any more incentives, here’s a reminder of some of the great bits we Frockswapped last time. See you on the 8th.

black sparkly Reiss dress 2013 Reiss black sparkle sequin dress strappy crossed straps LBD

ASOS dress pink mini dress neon pink dress sun dress 2013

H&M jacket and M&S top black jacket acorn print top tshirt


One comment on “FrockSwap is back and you’d be a fool to miss it

  1. Lysa@MonkeyAndSquish
    January 31, 2014

    Sounds like fun!

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