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Bored of the gym? From MC Hammer dance to hulla hooping, try one of these alternative exercise classes

Bored of the gym? Falling asleep on the treadmill? Snoozing through Bums, Legs and Tums classes? One of the main reasons why people quit the gym is boredom. I personally hate pounding the treadmill and doing endless rounds on the cross trainer and so this year I’ve decided to branch out with my exercise regime. In an attempt to keep myself entertained and to stay in shape I will be thinking outside the box and having a go at the following alternatives to an ill-fated gym membership.

Clowning (300x186)

MC Hammer Dance Class

Dancing in a bar for two hours? Sounds more like my Saturday night than a gym session. These classes are held regularly in the basement of one of my favourite Kings Cross hangouts, Drink, Shop & Do. I can’t wait to be able to bust out those era-defining dance moves on a club dance floor. I just hope shiny drop crotch pants and shoulder pads are not a necessity.

Hulla Hoop Classes

Anna Hulagan (yes really!) runs these sessions across London, with tricks classes, fire hulla and private tuition for the more advanced hulla girls out there. These classes will take me back to my childhood, and hopefully J-Lo’s abs. Hulla classes are held regularly on a weekly basis, join their Facebook group for more information.

Reggae Aerobics

Imagine the grapevine and the spotty dog but with a little more wine’ and grind. This is guaranteed to shake up the way you thought about aerobics. Not the most aerobically effective you might think, but this should give your bingo wings a workout and also provide an interesting addition to your social calendar. After years of watching the Notting Hill carnival with its calypso dancers and samba bands, I’ve always wanted to give it a bash (ha) myself. I managed to find one session of reggae aerobics in North West London that promises not just to burn calories but to burn dem calories (see below). I will let you know how this goes down.

Back to Netball

I played wing defence for the Blue team at school, not the first team, admittedly, but I was pretty good at a pivot. The Back to Netball scheme, set up by the England Netball team, has been extremely successful across London and the UK. There are a wealth of classes and sessions to choose from in London to encourage women to get active and get back on the pitch. I’m looking forward to pulling out my chest pass after all these years as much as I am meeting some like-minded ladies.


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