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You Can’t Touch This: I tried an MC Hammer Dance Class and this is what happened








I signed up to the MC Hammer Dance class (as part of my new year exercise endeavours) in the hope that working out in a bar would involve drinking cocktails. Five minutes in I knew this would not be the case.

mc_hammer_reality_show (300x169)

After running furiously on the spot for a long time, we did push ups, sit ups and burpees. This was the ‘warm up’. I wasn’t warm, I was sweating. The enthusiasm of our teacher Gemma plus some classic tunes meant that despite the initial shock, I was pumped to continue.

The purpose of the class was to teach us the moves from MC Hammer’s most famous track, ‘Can’t Touch This’. The moves were lifted directly from the video. Gemma took us though each section slowly, playing the song, showing us the moves and making us laugh. In the presence of someone who can genuinely pop, lock and two step, it dawned on me that the notion that I was alright at dancing had previously been clouded by how many mojitos I’d had. Everyone was going for it though and was up for making fools of themselves. We were encouraged to freestyle, improvise and add a bit of attitude to our pops and locks. There was twerking on more than one occasion, clowning, bumping, grinding and plenty of posing.

The two hour class was fun, relaxed and we really had a good work out. I’ve been clowning round the kitchen ever since. I felt so energised I didn’t even feel like I needed a cocktail. Now there’s something I thought I’d never say.

Fun factor: 5 / 5

Exercise: 5/5

Overall: 10 / 10

Would I go back? Yes, Definitely!

MC Hammer dance classes, £10, are held at Drink, Shop & Do near to Kings Cross. Sign up on the website.


3 comments on “You Can’t Touch This: I tried an MC Hammer Dance Class and this is what happened

  1. Rock N Roam
    February 18, 2014


  2. jackiemallon
    February 21, 2014

    Oooh burpees = pain. I was thinking more this kind of thing 🙂

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