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From Teen Choice Awards to Oscar glory? Matthew McConaughey proves himself in Dallas Buyers Club

This year’s Academy Awards are just around the corner (2nd of March FYI) and for the first time in a long time, I actually feel slightly emotionally invested in few of the nominees.  As you can see from previous blog entries, the Style & then Some team have been frequenting the cinema a little more than normal recently in an effort to cram in as many nominated films as possible – our ‘Oscar run’ if you will.  So after our Olivia’s shining review of Martin Scorsese’s’ The Wolf of Wall Street, I am about to pass judgment of Leo DiCaprio’s most rumoured competition for ‘Best Male’; Matthew McConaughey, in Dallas Buyers Club.

Dallas Buyers Club

I’ll admit when I first heard about this film being made a few years ago I naively thought McConaughey had signed up for some kind of fluffy American football cheer fest.  Someone so prolifically typecast as a hunky rom-com serial romancer isn’t usually paving his way to Oscar glory.  However, it is true testament to McConaughey’s acting ability that he has seemingly been able to turn this around over a few critically acclaimed movies (minus Magic Mike) and come next week, may be taking home his first Oscar for his first nominated film.

Dallas Buyers Club

There has been much talk surrounding McConaughey’s dramatic weight loss for Dallas Buyers Club and the subsequent notion that any actor who wants to get serious just needs to drop forty pounds. But in all honesty McConaughey’s weight loss is something that pales in significance to just how much his character, Ron Woodroof, and the series of events that unfolds draws the audience in.  The general plot of Dallas Buyers Club, if you aren’t already familiar, is that its central character (McConaughey) discovers he has contracted the HIV virus and embarks on a mission to help himself and others by importing non-FDA approved HIV and AIDS medications.  Based on true events, which occurred in the 1980s, the film superbly reenacts the misinformed and ignorant ideas and that surrounded the disease at the time, and highlights the difficulties HIV and AIDS sufferers were experiencing with such limited medications available at the time legally.  With Ron Woodroof initially given thirty days from diagnosis to live, his Dallas Buyers Club (whereby sufferers paid membership fees rather than Ron being arrested for dealing drugs directly) gave not only hope but precious extended time for himself and many others.

There’s no questioning Dallas Buyers Club is a beautiful homage to its main character, and is real proof of McConaughey’s surprising versatility.  The only question that does remain however, is if he wins Best Male on Sunday, will he display his Oscar next to his hoard of Teen Choice Awards I wonder?


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