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Head east for London’s freshest designers at Fashion Sunday

If you’re one of those keen-eyed style pioneers who loves scouting the best of Central St Martins before NewGen makes them all Topshop collaborators, or if you prefer intrepidly picking out the best in a thrift shop over sifting through the high street, then here’s the weekend pursuit for you: Fashion Sunday.

Fashion Sunday, Oval Space, London, market, LFW, 2014

So sure, it’s a bit of a trek out East (to the Oval Space in Bethnal Green) if you’re not around there already, and Sunday transport links are not usually something to be trifled with. And to be completely honest, the bit of spare change and pocket money from your gran isn’t going to buy you much here, even with the massively discounted rates the event serves up. But that’s really what Fashion Sunday is all about; being ahead of the curve, not opting for the obvious but instead bagging yourself something that one day might be gracing the catwalks of fashion weeks the world over.
Started just a few months ago by two fashion curators in partnership with Oval Space owner Dan, this project is still in it’s infancy, and there’s obviously a lot of room for it to grow into bigger and plusher surroundings. But regardless, you can see the glimmer of potential in its slightly grimy, honest beginnings; where a lot of other markets and shopping events in London seek to recreate or pay homage to the styles of the past, Fashion Sunday feels very much about the future of this city’s sartorial landscape. From lounging roof terrace to champagne bar and DJ, Fashion Sunday takes pride in its startling modernity. Designers showcasing include Paper London, Charlotte Taylor, DavidDavid, Peter Jensen and Kitty Joseph, and whilst they might retail at significantly more than high street prices, these designers could well be speculate-to-accumulate kind of wardrobe investments.
Paper London, London, fashion, Fashion Sunday, 2014, Oval SpacePaper London, London, fashion, Fashion Sunday, 2014, Oval Space
Moxham, London, Oval Space, Fashion Sunday, 2014
Fashion Sunday is held on the first Sunday of every month – entry is £3. For more information, go to the Oval Space blog. 

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