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Stuck for gift ideas for a writer? Aninotes note books are flicking good

Bees  Gee Aninotes notebook bee notebook bee gift photos images 2014

If we’re talking gift ideas for writers, a notebook doesn’t exactly scream thoughtful and original does it? But hear me out for a minute. I was given an Aninotes book last year and it’s become my favourite of all time.

Not only is it perfect A5 size and encased in a lovely old-fashioned feeling warm orange fabric with a handy elastic strap, the 240-page book has got an awesome bee-themed animation inside. This disco-tastic flick book vignette makes me smile every time I see it. I made this lil video to show you. Can you see why it’s titled Bees Gee?

You can practically hear Night Fever playing can’t you? (if only I knew how to soundtrack the video with it without incurring the copyright wrath of the powers that be). Due to my well-documented bee addiction I particularly liked this, but elsewhere in the Aninotes range, from Maison White, you’ve got bicycles, birds, plants, moonwalkers and a human canon ball. Even better, they’re currently slightly discounted.

Aninotes note books, £9.50 (reduced from £9.99) on the Maison White website.


2 comments on “Stuck for gift ideas for a writer? Aninotes note books are flicking good

  1. Ron
    March 12, 2014

    Wow! These are fab, just checked them all out on Maison White’s web site and absolutely going to get me one or three. Nectar Collector and the Elephants one are amazing. Great for gifts too.

  2. Michele McConnachie
    March 12, 2014

    So pleased you love your Aninites Notebook so much!
    Love from
    Michele and Nina at Maison White

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