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Still think western women have it easy? Try watching this

If, like me, you tend to hit your head against a brick wall when explaining the basic principles of feminism to certain individuals – especially after a few drinks – then have I got the perfect visual aid to help you.  So next time you come up against a particularly tunnel-visioned individual and you feel it is your duty in life to educate them on what feminism is all about (you know, how men and women should be treated equally as we are both HUMAN BEINGS), or if your opponent whips out the old ‘but you have it a lot better in this country so you should be grateful’ card, just send them a link to this:

This fantastic short film by the French director and actress Éléonore Pourriat, entitled ‘Oppressed Majority’ reverses the roles of men and women and highlights the daily struggles women go through due to societal acceptance of misogyny.  Intimidation, degradation, disbelief.   It all seems so completely unacceptable once the roles are reversed, so why do we, as a society, tend to brush this type of intimidation under the carpet and just accept it as the norm?  Reading comments on this clip I can’t help but get upset by the blatant ignorance of some such as:

Go move to Saudi Arabia, South America, Russia, Japan, China, the middle east or Africa and learn what real sexism looks like, it might pop your bubble. Women in America are treated with more respect and afforded more opportunities than almost any place on the planet

 Yes, we do have it a whole lot easier, but does that automatically mean we should be grateful to still be objectified, abused, intimidated, bullied and scared just to walk down the street or called a ‘slut’ (as I was a while back) just for ignoring a passing wolf-whistler?  No, it does not thank you very much. And thank you to Éléonore Pourriat for my new feminist-educating tool!


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3 comments on “Still think western women have it easy? Try watching this

  1. Akriti
    March 24, 2014

    Couldn’t agree more.

  2. annawilliamson117
    March 24, 2014

    What an awesome film. Really interesting.

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