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Get your skincare summer-ready

After attending a skincare talk last week about new Murad suncare products, I’ve started re-thinking my summer skincare regime. Rather than slathering on rich emollients and soothing wind-chapped lips, it’s time to switch to lighter options and reconsider the all important UVA/UVA broad spectrum protection. Whilst essential year round, sun protection is evidently needed in higher doses during warmer months.

SPF protection can be confusing with not much clarity on the gauge used to measure the level of protection. UVA rays are apparent year-round and cause skin ageing (think A for ageing) whilst UVB rays cause your skin to burn (think B for burning). If you’re using a product which contains SPF this doesn’t always mean it contains UVA protection – which is now thought to be more of a concern when it comes to skin cancer. Always ensure any suncare contains protection from both. A system often used is the P++++ (1 to 4 + signs) which is a Japanese system of measuring UVA.

The latest innovation from Murad is a Vitamin C Sun Balm designed to be used on areas that catch the sun – nose, lips, hands, chest etc. I have pigmentation on my forehead which I’m keen to even out and my nose and top lip always catch the sun so I’m aware I need to reinforce my skin’s defence in these areas so I’ll be rolling on the balm under my moisturiser.






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