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All mouth, no trousers: Why Beyonce’s Time Magazine cover stinks of hypocrisy

When Time magazine released its 100 Most Influential People edition last week, there was much buzz about Beyoncé making the cover. Notably, it was Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook and author of awesome feminist career bible Lean In) who wrote Beyoncé’s profile. While Sandberg gushes over her subject (rightly so in many respects), there was a certain degree of hypocrisy to the whole affair thanks to Beyoncé’s cover girl attire. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Beyoncé. But just so her and I can move past this difficult point in our relationship, I feel it’s best for me to lay down why this whole Time magazine debacle (yes I’m calling it a debacle) has pissed me off.

Beyonce Time magazine in underwear Beyonce Time magazine most influential people Time magazine Beyonce Cheryl Sandberg underwear 2014

Inside, alternative covers featured the NBA’s first openly gay athlete Jason Collins, actor Robert Redford and Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors). And guess what these power players (minus Bey) all had in common? They got fully dressed first. Has Obama ever featured in his briefs? Nope. How about the Pope? How dare you even think it. Did Sandberg grace HER cover in panties? See for yourself:

Sheryl Sandberg Time magazine

The truth is, as much as Sandberg tries to paint Beyoncé as a staunch feminist, there have been too many inconsistencies of late to take Beyoncé seriously in this respect. While Sandberg concludes that ‘Beyoncé doesn’t just sit at the table, she builds a better one’, she probably would be closer to the truth by saying ‘Beyoncé doesn’t just sit at the table, she lies on top of it wearing very little’. While Sandberg bleats about how ‘She raises her voice both on and offstage to urge women to be independent and lead’, this seems a little non-sensical when Beyoncé’s last tour was named ‘the Mrs. Carter show’.

Personally, I would probably respect Beyoncé more if she just shut up about feminism rather than keep jarring her words with her actions. To me, a decent feminist wouldn’t let her own husband subtly rap about physically abusing her over one of her OWN songs (‘eat the cake Anna Mae’ being a delightful reference to Ike Turner slamming Tina Turner’s face in to a cake – reeeeaaalllll class Jay).

The day I see Obama in his pants on the cover of Time is the day I give this cover my blessing. I won’t be holding my breath.

FYI, here are some women who have literally ‘Run the World’ (or at least a portion of it) while staying fully clothed:

Queen Elizabeth I

Angela Merkel

Hillary Clinton

Margaret Thatcher

Aung San Suu Kyi


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