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How to Wear Culottes. Seriously.

Now usually, any fashion trend my mother fully approves of isn’t one I follow. However, sometimes – just sometimes – she’s ahead of her time. Welcome back, culottes. The ten-year-old Brownie in me has missed you.

Okay, so let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Wearing culottes may feel like wearing trousers, but sorry ladies, you’re going to have to shave your legs. Or at least, the lower third of your calves. Your footwear decisions will have to be style-led, as opposed to practical, lest the dreaded cankles appear. And whilst the volume of your bottom half may make you feel as though you can let it all hang out, you’ve got to balance it out with some strong croppage on top. Prescription: ten sit-ups a night, stat.

But the redeeming characteristics of culottes are so worth the extra maintenance. To name but a few:-

  1. It looks like a midi-skirt, but you’ll never have a Marilyn Monroe moment, never be unable to run or, er, climb trees, and no-one knows you have separate sneaky leg holes until you point it out. Which I always do by gesturing wildly at my crotch. To prove I’m into ‘fashion’, duh.
  2. In conjunction with the previously point, you really are ‘fashion’. Where some lazy folk might sling on jeans or a skirt, you’ve plumped for the wild-legged, often unflattering but interesting option. Why don’t you just style for Vogue right now?!
  3. There are so many different occasions to wear culottes. They’re office appropriate, dinner appropriate – hell, they’re wedding appropriate. And they’re usually elasticated and/or high waisted, meaning they’re comfy and stylish, and that basically never happens.
  4. Ways to wear: go urban-y cool-y, with some trainers or hightops, and a cropped vest or t-shirt. You can tuck in an embroidered white shirt and a huge necklace for a smarter look, or a boxy, boyfriend-cut jumper with rolled up sleeves and excessive bracelets, teamed with loafers or strappy sandals, if you’re feeling brave.

In short, I’m saying let’s all embrace the culottes. From my own trial and error, best to make sure they’re voluminous, ideally in a light material so they’re not too square and in a block colour or dark pattern – the shape does the talking. Get tanning those ankles…

Here are a few high street highlights:

Culottes, Zara, spring summer 2014, cropped, trousers

Structured Wide Leg Trousers, Zara, £39.99

Culottes, ASOS, green, spring summer 2014, cropped trousers

Easy Culottes, ASOS, £30

Culottes, French Connection, cropped trousers, spring summer 2014, pattern

Hot House Drape Trousers, French Connection, £59

Culottes, Zara, spring summer 2014, cropped trousers, white

Wide Trousers with Belt, Zara, £39.99


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