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How I styled my trusty black blazer into an interview-worthy outfit


Last week I had a job interview, a big swanky corporate job interview, my first ever. I was asked, in the invitation to interview, to wear a suit, which presented me with a multitude of problems. Here’s how I handled my Great Suit Challenge.

The first image that crossed my mind was Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, followed quickly by Joan Collins in Dynasty (see above). Eighties throwbacks have been popping up regularly in the last few years (see scrunchies, velvet leggings) but I figured in this case it’s definitely best to leave eighties inspiration out of the equation.

I do not own a suit or really anything particularly smart, as the offices I have worked in so far haven’t had strict rules on work attire. I have one token blazer in my wardrobe which I can rely on to smarten up any outfit. I like wearing it with jeans, or a simple tee for work. I struggled to find a blazer as, being fairly petite, many of the  more traditional cuts and styles make me look like I’m wearing an over-sized school uniform.

I decided, after much debating, to forget the trouser suit and go for my trusty black blazer and a black pencil skirt. I splashed out on the shirt and went for one from Urban Outfitters. The buttoned-up style and Peter Pan collar kept the outfit from looking too plain and I’ll definitely be able to get some more wear out of it with jeans and flats. I wore with simple black courts for the interview, but in summer you could also with some elegant strappy sandals.

My suit experience and research has made me realize that we’ve come a long way since Joan and Melanie. A suit still says you mean business but it can also be feminine and sexy, and it doesn’t have to be black. Zara’s bright blazers and printed trousers are dreamy, beautifully made and fun to wear. Perhaps now, as I have said job, (yippee!), I’ll treat myself.


Penny Collar Lace Blouse, Urban Outfitters, £45


Figure-fit jacket, H & M, £14.99


Court shoes, H & M, £14.99


Pencil skirt, New Look, £14.99


Suede sandals, Mango, £69.99


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