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Holiday Life Hacks: How to Stay Cool When It’s Really Freaking Hot

holiday, plane, sunshine, summer, flight, beauty, 2014So I’ve just come back from Greece where indeed it is Really Freaking Hot. In fact, only Egypt was hotter (thank you BBC World News Service). But regardless of where you’re jetting off to (or not), I’ve picked up on some sneaky secrets that’ll ensure you’re not wilting in the heat.

Word on the street is that British summertime has some mileage left – this weekend is set to be a scorcher. So whether you’re staying put this summer, or heading off to more guaranteed sunny climes, here’s what you should know.

1. Moisturise, moisturise.
So pretty obvious, but please, as someone in the height of post sunburn peel, moisturise. Before, during and after sun, and if you’re going on a plane anytime soon, moisturise throughout the flight, as the atmosphere inside the cabin is only 8% hydrating – we need around 40% to keep plumped. Besides, dry skin can’t tan as easily so it makes sense to rub in a preemptive strike. Drink water like your life depends on it too (because it, er, does).

2. Try a dry stick deodorant instead of a roll-on.
I discovered that the scent holds better and it does keep you drier in the telltale pit area if you use a chalk-like push up as opposed to liquidy roll-ons. Lighter too if you’re flying.

3. Sun-proof your make up.
No one wants to cake their face in foundation in the sun but few of us are blessed enough to brave it bare, so swap to an SPF BB Cream – I found Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB to be a great budget holiday buy with good coverage and SPF 15. After suncream, dab onto blemished areas and then leave your face to breathe. The sun works wonders for spot prone skin so it’ll soon work its magic. A great mascara that stays put throughout the day is Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ so its worth investing if you want long fluttery lashes in the heat.

dream bb, rimmel, BB Cream, suncream, SPF, summer, make up, foundation

4. Swap body spray/perfume for a spritzer.
This is an age old tradition for my family who still firmly believe you cannot take aerosols on planes, at all. Boots and other brands make really lovely liquid spritzers that cool you down and make you smell delicious despite the heat; they last forever and cost absolute pennies so you can spritz to your heart’s content.

5. Head straight for the Aloe Vera.
After-sun is great and all, and a lot of products do have aloe vera extracts in them, but nothing can beat simple aloe vera essence, ideally in a gel form, for sunburn. It keeps in the moisture and cools you down like nothing else – I know this as a horrified lady in a Greek shop attacked me with aloe vera when she saw my poor roasted legs. Sizzle.


aloe vera gel, aloe vera, sunburn, holidays, 2014, remedies, suncream

6. Invest in good sandals.
As someone always wanting the most economical (cheapest) solution, I tend to scrimp on shoe quality. But sweaty swollen feet do not like pleather, plastic or anything too artificial so splash out on some comfy, soft leather sandals and your tootsies will thank you. A lighter nail polish will also accentuate your tan.

7. Get golden.
I thought I’d give the new L’Oreal’s Sunkiss Jelly a bash in an attempt to lighten my pretty damn dark hair; it only really works with a blast of sun to help, but my hair is definitely sunkissed so I’d probably recommend it over summer. Easy as pie too.


Sunkiss jelly, L'Oreal, beach hair, blonde, summer, 2014, dye, highlights



Any holiday life hacks you swear by? Let us know!


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