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Bored on a Sunday afternoon? Scrapbooking is the answer

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22 years living in the UK tells me that when it rains – a lot – you can’t beat cosying up with a film and a sharing bag of Minstrels (for yourself, duh). However, when you spent a significant portion of your weekend deciding whether or not its okay to fancy Aladdin in the Disney version, its time you got a new hobby; hell, even a useful hobby. For me, that’s scrapbooking.

Whilst Pinterest and the like have technified the process of storing those pictures that spark your creativity, there really is nothing better than the old cutting and sticking as perfected by years of primary school education. And whether it’s fashion and style images, or home decor inspiration, or images from around the world to indulge your wanderlust, compiling your perfectly personalised collection really does help those things feel a little more within your grasp.


Here’s a few benefits to the art of scrapbooking:

1. You get to buy a really pretty scrapbook to fill. 

I got mine from Rizzoli bookshop in Somerset House – they have beautiful, leather bound notebooks and a great selection of fashion-y books to begin your collection. Pretty pricey, but hey, its an investment.

2. It consolidates your ideas.

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I see an outfit from a street style shoot or a campaign in a magazine that I want to emulate, but it will never see the light of day on Google images again; scrapbooking gives me a place to keep them and refer back to them for make up ideas, or when I’m putting an outfit together.

3. It gives you an excuse to buy expensive magazines.

Ready made, high quality print outs you can just score and tear out, all for £4-ish a month? And all those free perfume and skin cream samples…

4. You begin to understand what you actually like.

Whilst there may be some variation here and there, when you look back at a scrapbook you do tend to see trends in what you like, and that makes it far easier when you’re shopping, whether it’s for shoes or sofas. You can understand your taste and the shops or places that best suit it, which is particularly useful if you’re furnishing a new room or wardrobe.

5. It’s a great coffee table book.

Alright, so it’s a show-off-y coffee table book, but nevertheless it’s a great talking point.

6. It works to your advantage.

If you’re looking for a first step into a creative industry, having a ready-made project that shows your style, your eye and your commitment to the job as a long term goal is a fantastic thing to have in your arsenal. I once went to a group interview and saw a girl bring in her own personal portfolio of brands she liked; needless to say she got the job.

7. Its something to do.

When money is tight, nobody’s about or you just can’t be bothered to do anything, it’s great to have something at home to work on – and because your taste changes, as fresh material with each season, its actually quite fun to have an ongoing project.


scrapbook, tube map, crafts, 2014, collage, pinterest

All Change scrapbook, Paperchase, £10


scrapbook, tube map, crafts, 2014, collage, pinterest

Square Map scrapbook, Paperchase, £10


scrapbook, crafts, pinterest, collages, 2014

Kraft project scrapbook, Paperchase, £10.75

So next time there’s rain forecast, crack out the scissors and Pritt Stick – you’ll have more fun than you expect.


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