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Why I finally gave in to the midi skirt trend

I really didn’t think it would last.

No, I don’t mean the relationship known as Kimye, or the three-day tan I picked up in Ibiza – I’m talking about the midi skirt trend. I thought these full knee-length skirts were frumpy, swamped anyone under 6 foot tall and would disappear from shops faster than leg-warmers in the mid-noughties. I was very much SKIRTING the issue. But I was wrong.

It’s been a couple of seasons now and I have finally succumbed to midi-madness, picking up a pair from ASOS last week – and I’m very glad I did. How did this reversal happen? Well, I needed some new work skirts, and after I’d come to the conclusion that my above-the-knee A-line numbers aren’t quite office- or autumn-appropriate, it hit me: a black midi skirt was what I needed. Before I knew it I had deposited not one but TWO in my basket. Would all my doubts be confirmed when they arrived and I’d have to swiftly send them back? Thankfully, no, they’re total keepers. Please, allow me to introduce, my midi skirts…

In black jersey, this soft and swooshy skater skirt is the kind that magazines call ‘flirty’, I think because it swishes about as you walk. I’ll be wearing it with tight stretchy t-shirts and sandals until summer finally gives up the ghost. (Dress, worn as a top, H&M; sandals, New Look; watch, Nixon)

asos black midi skirt

ASOS Midi Skater Skirt, £20 black

ASOS Midi Skater Skirt, £20

I was worried this black faux-leather midi skirt might look like a bit too much like a blacksmiths apron but I’m reliably informed by a bunch of people I’ve showed it too that that’s not the case, and I agree –  the narrow high waist and box pleat means it still retains that feminine fifties shape. It’s definitely too wintery for now but as soon as the temperature drops a bit further I’ll be rocking it with some of Olivia’s recommended new season boots. (Top and necklace, H&M; shoes, Matalan)

asos black leather look midi skirt

This one has actually sold out now. Mine was a mega bargain at £13 but there’s a similar one here: ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Leather Look, £22

ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Leather Look, £22 black



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