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Snip Happy: The Return of the Fringe

Last week, I got a fringe again. I am a massive supporter of the full fringe; I always feel so much more ‘done’ with a fringe, without ever devoting more time to my hair than a quick rinse in the sink in the morning and a blast with the hairdryer. The rest of my hair can be an utter mess, but if the fringe is good, it covers all manner of sins.

I originally grew it out for the summer (natch, forehead sweat and fringes don’t go) but since the return of a more forgiving climate – ignore the rain – its made a graceful return to my face. So sure, it gets in your eyes a bit and makes even the most heavily mascara’d lashes go flat – but the benefits are worth it.

1. You will never look like a basic bitch again.

Because basic bitches never have fringes, its the rules.

2. Hats look so much more cool.

And I am a great purveyor of the fedora. Suddenly I am someone from a sepia Polaroid taken on a tour bus in the 1970s, all because of the fringe.

3. Hairdressers trim them for free.

So your hair will forever look fresh to death for £0, until the rest of your hair looks terrible enough to actually spend some money.

4. You can get pretty lazy with the rest of your face.

Any makeup on your forehead, skip. Eyebrows, skip. Top eyelashes, skip. You’ll forever just be known as ‘that girl with the fringe’ anyway.

5. Weird, grungy fashions are permissible.

You have a full fringe, so you get to do whatever the hell you want. Men’s t-shirts look great, big clompy boots look great, dressing entirely in black – great. But then if you want to mix it up and dress like a female a la Zooey Deschanel, also great. And let me tell you, the mullet can’t say that.

Here’s some fringe-spiration to take to the salon. Thank me later – when you look as awesome as these kids:

Zooey Deschanel, hair, 2014, fringe, autumn, bangs, Taylor Swift, hair, 2014, fringe, autumn, bangs, Jane Birkin, hair, 2014, fringe, autumn, bangs, Alexa Chung, hair, 2014, fringe, autumn, bangsKate Moss, hair, 2014, fringe, autumn, bangs Freja Beha Erichsen, hair, 2014, fringe, autumn, bangs


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