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Style and Then Some is looking for new writers

We’re looking for new writers to join Team Style & Then Some. Interested? Know someone who might be? Then get in touch.

Since we launched in 2011 the team has waxed and waned as we’ve taken on new bloggers and others have started new jobs or courses or moved away. At the moment we’ve got space in the schedule for a couple more writers, so I thought I’d do a shout out to see if we have any budding bloggers amongst our readers. It would be great if you could share this post on social media too. Below are a few pre-emptive FAQs, but any other questions feel free to get in touch using the email address at the bottom of the page.

Do I need previous experience?

Nope. While some of our writers have studied journalism, or worked as journalists or in publishing, many of us started out as complete beginners. We’re not looking for perfect spelling or impeccable grammar (that’s what subediting is for), a pretty good grasp of the English language will do. Enthusiasm, reliability and having lots of ideas for blog posts are definite desirables too.

Do I have to write about fashion?

Not if you don’t want to. If you do, great, we’d love for you to contribute to the ‘Style’ half of the blog. But if you’d rather write about culture, art, film, music, politics, feminism, food, theology, cats, or just about anything else, the ‘& then some’ side is for you.

The vintage cosmetics company 1st birthday 2012 sanctum hotel nail art nail rocks nail wraps Helen Coakley 2012

Manicures, one of the perks of being a blogger.

Do I have to be based in London?

Not at all. We’ve had writers based all over Britain and we’ve written about our travels all over the world. In fact, we’d love to have more of an international perspective and would welcome bloggers outside the UK.

What’s in it for me?

Your blog posts will be subedited and published on a blog with a sizable following, giving you links to put in your portfolio/on your CV/email to your mum. Almost everyone who has written for Style & Then Some has subsequently gone on to bigger and better things, like jobs in journalism, copywriting and retail, and in one case a journalism Masters course. I’m not saying this blog was wholly responsible, but having published work definitely looks good on job applications, and having your writing subbed means you’ll be getting valuable feedback every time you post. Also, we get invited to loads of fun events and fashion shows, so you’ll have the chance to report on those (if you live in London. Sorry, that’s just the way it is).

The Queen of Twitter Gin O'Clock book launch the queen of twitter book launch Queen_UK book Queen_uk diary fake twitter queen diary comedy twitter queen book

This one time Helen and I met ‘The Queen’

How often do I have to post?

At the moment the three of us regular posters write once a week each, so ideally, we’re looking for new writers to commit to at least one post every two weeks.

OK, I’m interested. What next?

Drop me (Katie) a line at telling me a bit about yourself and why you want to write for us. If you’ve got any samples/links to previous work include those. If not, no problem.


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