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Top trends: How to wear the turtleneck

My favourite thing about autumn – besides the ankle boots, Christmas anticipation, deciduous trees, open fires, not being sweaty all the live long day etc –  is a good old-fashioned rollneck sweater.

It’s the staple of winter dressing; under dresses, with skirts, practical with trousers. I never feel as good in anything as I do in a black turtle neck and A-line skirt. It has a kind of Seventies vibe that seems age appropriate for anyone (true story; my sister dressed me for my Year 2 mufti day in a particularly fetching mustard roll neck and I looked hella stylish then too) and it never dates.

Figure-hugging but demure, not to mention actually warm for the winter, a turtle neck looks great poking out of the top of a trench coat or shearling jacket…or anything, for that matter. Pair with heavy winged eyeliner and a backcombed ponytail and you’re good to go. It’s also a look that’s almost androgynous, seeing as men look damn fine in them too, in a kind of submarine captain way.

And just to prove my point, these guys agree:

Alexa Chung, high neck jumper, burgundy

olivia palermo, high necked jumper

charlotte rampling, turtleneck jumper

miranda kerr, high necked jumper, camel coat

Marianne Faithfull, turtleneck jumper, angora


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