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How to get away with wearing pajamas to work

I recently had a revelation when I bought a pair of sweat pants from H&M. These grey drawstring trousers are so soft and slouchy that they’re basically pyjamas, and yet I wore them to work and didn’t get taken to one side and told to go home and change. How? I’ll tell you how. It’s all in the styling.

hmprod-1Sweatpants, £14.99, H&M

1. Go formal on top. Start with your joyfully dressed-down jogging bottoms, add a silky shirt or blouse and finish with a sleek, preferably buttonless, blazer. Sharp edges are important because they offset the downright slobbish nature of your joggers.


Crepe blazer, £44.99, Mango

2. Always wear high heels. I find my slightly pointed (but not razor sharp) suede boots are great because the cuffs of the joggers fall snugly over them and stay put. Even better? Pointed ankle strap heels, because nothing shouts ‘I am appropriately dressed for an office environment’ like a killer pair of shoes.

hmprod-3Leather shoes, £34.99, H&M

3. Choose your fabrics carefully. The grey pair above look and feel almost like knitwear. Another couple of pairs I have are sweatshirt fabric but they’re not marled (one is leopard print) so they don’t give the game away. I’ve styled them both up for work without reproach. Best of all are my ‘dressy sweatpants’ with gold zip detailing down the sides, but sadly they’re no longer in H&M.


Grey leopard sweatpants, £14.99, H&M

4. Go long on top. The drawstring is the most telltale sign of your loungewear in disguise, so keep it covered. I have a couple of these tops that are really wide cut on the body but skinny on the arms so they don’t drown you.hmprod-4

Oversized jersey top, £14.99, H&M

5. Don’t forget jewellery. But keep it simple. A chunky ring, a gold or silver statement necklace or a sizeable watch are all it takes to convey a gilt edge on your guilty pleasure outfit.


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