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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

The second-hand challenge: becoming a sewing bee

I’ve been challenging myself not to buy new clothes, and six months into my yearlong sentence I’ve found some incredible second-hand items (not least a Celine spring trench coat for … Continue reading

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My Funny Valentine: Is V-Day finally going out of fashion?

Valentine’s Day has been and gone, and this year (at the risk of sounding Carrie-Bradshaw-blah) I began to wonder, has the most maligned, caricatured and laughable holiday finally bitten the … Continue reading

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The Art of shopping in Amsterdam

Being one of Europe’s most accessible and beautiful cities, Amsterdam attracts many types of tourists and visitors each year. Known for its lax laws on weed and open policies on … Continue reading

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Big Flares, Don’t Care: How to Wear This Season’s Key Trouser

Whenever I read articles in fashion magazines about the great and the good inheriting key pieces from their parents’ or grandparents’ wardrobes, I feel unbridled jealousy. Carefully preserved Hermes bags … Continue reading

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Surviving the 5:2 diet

I first got wind of intermittent fasting after Michael Moseley did that documentary about a year and a half ago. It was intriguing but shrouded in mystery; it only had … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Harry Styles! Fashion Lessons from a Modern Icon

Harry Styles – the Jagger reincarnation for our time, with significantly worse music but equal hero worship amongst contemporary youth – turned 21 on Sunday. Whilst trying to suspend the … Continue reading

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