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Happy Birthday Harry Styles! Fashion Lessons from a Modern Icon

Harry Styles – the Jagger reincarnation for our time, with significantly worse music but equal hero worship amongst contemporary youth – turned 21 on Sunday. Whilst trying to suspend the kind of horror I feel when I realise someone younger than me has achieved far more than I ever will in my entire life, I realised he has taught us some valuable sartorial lessons. In celebration of the long-haired boy wonder, here are a few things we can all learn from Harry Styles.


1. Less is more.
At least, when it comes to garments covering your chest. Tread carefully if you’re a girl – obviously – but a well placed low neckline and a just-thrown-on kaftan can do wonders for a messy morning-after vibe.

2. Leopard print, and more leopard print.
Harry loves an animal print, a habit shared by the FROW-inhabiting posse he rolls with (just look at the company he kept at his birthday party in LA). And whilst most men might not be able to pull it off, the Styles shows us all how to style leopard print – with classic black tailoring and understated accessories.

3. Don’t wash your hair.
Now I can’t say I know for definite, but I feel like, from close photographic analysis, Harry has never washed his hair, ever. And he don’t half look bad, so who am I to judge?

4.  A good coat.
…or several. It’s obviously part of the One Direction style to have the tailored man-coat down, and really they all sport exemplary outerwear (well, not really you Niall). Essentially what Harry shows us by wearing a thigh-length, sharp dark jacket, or maybe a shearling number, is that you can basically wear whatever bizarre ensemble underneath and you look en pointe just as long as the coat’s in place. Understood.

5. All those Little Things.
Hazza is a fan of the accessory, no doubt. Long necklaces, tribal bracelets, chunky rings, dog tags, pointy Chelsea boots and meaningless tattoos – all these things further cement Harry’s image as an unwashed lothario who probably smells like some sort of heavenly sandalwood musk. I presume.

So go forth and prosper Harry, with the Chungs and the Lowes and the Grimshaws of this world, making us all wonder how you managed to get so far with a pretty mediocre boy band from The X Factor, plentiful hair follicles and a whole lot of swagger. Styles by name, style by nature.

Harry Styles at the Burberry Prorsum show


Celebrity Sightings In Park City - January 18, 2014


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