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Big Flares, Don’t Care: How to Wear This Season’s Key Trouser


Whenever I read articles in fashion magazines about the great and the good inheriting key pieces from their parents’ or grandparents’ wardrobes, I feel unbridled jealousy. Carefully preserved Hermes bags or Chanel suits dusted off from society parties of decades past, they have a veritable library of priceless vintage at their disposal. My mum never really kept anything except her wedding dress, discoloured with almost forty years of under-bed storage. My dad however, kept The Flares.

They’re part of family legend now, his bobbly, tobacco-stained beige flares, the kind of beige they only produced in the 1970s. They come in a set with an equally aged beige jacket, fit for the skinny twenty-something my dad was when he, like me, moved to London in a shared flat on a shoestring. When I was tall enough, I tried them on. They (embarrassingly) fit perfectly, and I love them.

Impossible to wear on a rainy day, they completely cover my feet and bell-bottom onto the floor. I feel like Stevie Nicks, or Jane Birkin, or Charlotte Rampling when I wear them, be it full-on retro with a cropped little black jumper, or grungy with an oversized band tee tucked into a waistband that goes above my belly-button. I never had the guts to wear them outside my house though; until now.

Thankfully, as any trend report will tell you, the Seventies are back, and their flagship piece is a pair of high-waisted, universally flattering but somewhat OTT flares. Denim, black, jumpsuit, dungarees and patterned, the possibilities are endless. You can pair them with just about anything, whether it’s a classic white blouse, a patterned t-shirt or a boxy jumper – the key is the length really, as the wide bottoms need balancing out with a nipped in waist.

The best high street offerings an be found at ASOS, Mango and River Island – they’re never all that cheap, all that excess material, but they’re a worthwhile investment for the spring.

Now all you need are some heeled mules, a strong blow-dry and some funk music, and you’re good to go. Strut.

Flares, Seventies, 1970s, print, ASOS

Flare Trousers in Geo Print, ASOS, £28

Flares, White, Denim, Seventies, 1970s, Mango

Premium Flared Seventy Jeans, Mango, £44.99

Green, flares, wide leg, Seventies, 1970s, ASOS

Premium Wide Leg Crepe Trousers, ASOS, £35

Denim, dark wash, flares, Seventies, 1970s

Dark wash Alice kick flare jeans, River Island, £45


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