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Mama’s got a brand new bag; Dolce and Gabanna celebrate motherhood at Milan Fashion Week

Dolce and Gabbana, AW15, Motherhood, Babies, Catwalk, Milan Fashion Week

I never thought I’d see the day that babies were toted along the catwalk as an accessory. And yet Dolce and Gabbana’s Milan show last weekend proved just how, er, versatile kids can be.

Whilst I’m not entirely sure the gamine models clutching onto the babas were their actual mothers (but major props if they were), it’s an interesting move by D&G. Their aesthetic has always been one that celebrated femininity, all sizzling Sicilian womanhood, boobs and bums, red lace and Sophia Loren. So maybe it wasn’t such a leap from that to this, fecundity as fashion statement.

I’m trying to decide whether it was a rally cry for working mothers (of which there are many in the fashion industry), championing the versatility of women to play different roles and look good doing it – the show was after all ‘dedicated to the world’s mothers’. Or, whether it was simply a clever thing to do to secure column inches. They are babies and children after all, and essentially they were carried like accessories with very little human interaction, and I don’t know if that’s cool.

Dolce and Gabbana, AW15, Motherhood, Babies, Catwalk, Milan Fashion Week

It was an interesting move to include expectant mothers alongside the children, as models are usually expected to have neat pregnancies followed by a natural labour and a swift bounce back into pre-baby tone in time for the catwalk season. Which would all seem very progressive, except that this was hardly a ‘real woman’ catwalk with plus sized models or normal people. The non-pregnant women were just as unattainably slim and beautiful as ever, except this season with a scribbled-on dress and some poor bemused infant in tow.

So it all begs the question, what’s the ruddy point? The stark contrast between the statuesque models and the flowerpot babies sure is memorable, but is that all it’s for? Apart from the florals and the ‘mamma’ print, it’s probably not to inspire the high street collections later this year (or if it is, there are much bigger issues to worry about…), so is it just to encourage us not to think of children as mutually exclusive with style, fashion, our identity, but instead, for some, as part of what it actually means to be a woman? Or maybe it was just a chance to stand out in the haze of fashion week shows.

Regardless, I think we can all agree, never has the use of the Spice Girls’ mid-tempo ballad Mama been more apt – and who can argue with a show that brings such an anthem back into our lives?

Dolce and Gabbana, AW15, Motherhood, Babies, Catwalk, Milan Fashion Week


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