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Dear Mr. Emoji, I need these twelve symbols in my life right now

Is there anything worse than not being able to express yourself accurately through emoticons? Well, yes, but let’s face it we’ve come to rely on those little digicartoons to convey how we feel and what’s on our minds. There are times when no combination of pictures from the emoji keyboard can adequately convey what we need.

Like when you’re trying to express you’re hungover but are forced to use this:  Hungover

Or when you’re annoyed with someone and you only have this gun and  Shocked

Or when you have something to celebrate which calls for Champers and all you have is beer:  Beers

Even with recent emoji update announcement, there are still emotions, expressions and foodstuffs we can’t create. So I present to you: 12 symbols which would truly change our lives for the better.

  1. A middle finger
  2. Guacamole and a burrito (or a taco would do)
  3. A Champagne bottle and/or glass
  4. A non-smiling turd (to convey when something or someone really is poo – and not in a positive way)
  5. A penis (for when someone is being a total d***)
  6. A hungover face
  7. Bacon and/or a bacon sandwich (for when you’re *hungover face*)
  8. An ill face without the nose mask
  9. An Easter egg (I’ve got nothing against the little chick emerging from an egg, but it’s not the same)
  10. A moustache
  11. Eyebrow/s
  12. A motorbike (should you run out of space, perhaps a few of those trains could go?

And one more thing while we’re on the topic: is the blue shirt guy a bisexual two-timer?

Blue guy Blue Guy 2


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