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How to dress timelessly, courtesy of The Age of Adaline

Last week, I went to see The Age of Adaline, featuring the world’s most wholesome beautiful person Blake Lively in her first starring movie role. Sure, it’s probably not going to win any Oscars, and there are some seriously tenuous science references throughout, but if you’re looking for an easy Sunday movie with pretty people and prettier clothes, this is the ticket.

The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively, 2015, Vintage Fashion, Retro, Movie

A quick rundown of the plot is thus. Adaline, in the 1930’s, has a car accident that renders her unable to physically age beyond 29 years old. Fun at first, but this becomes an issue when those pesky science nuts at the FBI get wind of it. So Adaline goes on the run, assuming different identities every decade to stay hidden. She falls in love with a few people on the way, which is all very awkward because she’s actually ancient, but no one really cares at the time because Blake Lively is a babe. Cue several magnificent displays of retro dressing, featuring 1940’s Barbie, 1950’s Barbie, 1960’s Barbie and…2014 Barbie, albeit sympathetically dressed for a woman of over 100 years old. Handily the sepia-toned pleasantness of the film skips over the garish fashions of the 1980s, 90s and 00s to ensure the stylish spell never breaks – and it sure worked it’s magic on my upcoming ASOS and Zara orders. So here are some highlights from the frankly faultless wardrobe department of The Age of Adaline to influence your own.

The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively, 2015, Vintage Fashion, Retro, Movie

Capri Pants

A staple of recycled chic from Audrey to Alexa, a cropped trousers don’t just belong at the office; wear with an oversized mannish shirt for lazy Sundays or a fitted jumper for work. Make sure you get a reasonably high-waisted pair to make dressing the top half easier.

Long coats

I’m a massive advocate of long trench coats, because like hats, no matter what you wear underneath, you just look so damn sassy. If you’ve already got a classic beige or khaki trench coat, try a pastel blue, pink or lilac for a lighter update. One of the many nice things about long coats is their versatility in terms of looking great with jeans or more modern outfits, as well as with short dresses or…

The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively, 2015, Vintage Fashion, Retro, Movie

Midi skirts

They’ve been knocking around for ages now, but the ease of a full mid-length skirt solves so many fashion quandaries, from your average Monday to a birthday party or dinner. Patterned or plain, you can guarantee the day you wear a full skirt, someone will say ‘ooh, I like your skirt’. They work for all seasons, with or without tights, and are feminine without being figure-hugging. All good news.

Brogues (no socks)

The thing about Vintage Barbie Blake is that often, her clothes have a kind of mannish quality, as if she’d borrowed from a boy, including brogues and loafers on bare ankles – nothing new there for fashion. But the difference between that and more modern androgyny is the rest of her look is deliberately feminine – chignon updos, pearl earrings, lipstick, ladylike handbags. This combination is great if, like me, you’d rather not look ridiculously girly or aggressively masculine.

So there you have it – your new style icon, a 136-year-old Blake Lively. Want more? Read an interview with the film’s costume designer here.


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