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The thought of summer clothes making you want to cry? Me too. Here’s how I plan on dealing with it.

‘Are you beach ready?’ and ‘Let’s hit the beach!’ are among the many phrases that every year make my stomach turn and cause me to all but weep into my cosy knits.

Don’t get me wrong I love the summer. I enjoy a Pimms, festivals, beer gardens, roof tops and the sun on my face. I would just rather enjoy it while wearing a jumper. Skirts make me anxious – I still have a twelve year old fear of someone lifting it up to expose my pants. Shorts, they make me think of sticky plastic bus seats. White makes me shudder, because you can guarantee I will last five minutes before I spill something on it. Colour, I eschew. My wardrobe is black, denim or grey and I like it like that, even when the sun is shining.

Thank God, then, that this season there are several styles out there making this whole summer dressing malarkey a little less daunting and a little less summer-y. Here are my faves.


ZARA High Neck Collar Jumpsuit, £69.99

The Jumpsuit. I will be living in these. This one is for a sophisticated occasion and can work with heels or flats.


Forever 21 Striped Midi skirt £14.00

The Midi Skirt. I’m obsessed with this stripey badass. I would wear it with heeled boots for work, or flats for the weekend, and always with a cropped top or tucked in vest.The thing about the midi length is that there’s a reassuringly generous amount of fabric, so tough luck smelly boys.


H&M, Long shirt, £24.99

The Shirt Dress. An absolute winner. And look at all those patterns, they’re pretty much a stain remover! It’ll look awesome with a slouchy boot.


Topshop Pagoda Premium heels £75

Open-Toe Mules. If I must bare my toes, I shall be doing so in these. Perfect with skinny jeans or the aforementioned heroic midi-shirt.


Oliver Bonas Flutter Feather Scarf, £16

The Summer Scarf. You can never have too many giant scarves. Perfect for concealing upper arms and warding off evening chills, a bright and breezy scarf also adds an obligatory pop of colour. Yay summer!


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